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Do You Have a Project Idea for Paihia?

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Do You Have a Project Idea for Paihia?

If you have a great idea on how to improve our town then this is the process to get it under way if you would like the support from Focus Paihia.

Important things you need to know:

  • Focus Paihia does not DO the projects, the Drivers and the Community DO the projects. Focus Paihia endorses, facilitates and when appropriate, contributes funds to projects.

  • Focus Paihia facilitates COMMUNITY projects. It does not get involved with private projects however, FPCCT are available to discuss, liaise and advise private projects.

PPPS – Paihia Phantom Placemaking Projects

Paihia Phantom Placemaker projects are vibrant ‘pocket’ projects that look to create uplifting, inspiring and creative spaces in our public areas.

Just think of the fabulous funky seating area outside the Paihia i-Site. This was created over one weekend, by well over 100 volunteers!

PPP projects are something that will happen in the quieter seasons, so autumn, winter and early spring. They are funded from money raised from the Paihia Op Shop (also a PPP idea). 

If you have some ideas or want to get involved in a PPP you can use our contact form on this web site to make any or all direct enquiries. If you have a specific project idea see here to find out the process on starting a PPP project.

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