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$100k Project

$100k Project

Imagine being gifted $100,000 to invest in a community project?

Thanks to an incredibly generous anonymous local donor we received $100,000 to invest in creating another amazing community space for our locals.

We focused on the area opposite the Anchorage Motel, in front of the public toilets and up to the walking track that heads up to a lookout on the ridgeline.

ON the 22nd of May, worked kicked off as a Paihia Phantom Placemaking Project to revitalise this area:

· 2 x Community BBQs - Covered for weather protection.

· Seating and Tables for families to use

· New access ramp down to the waterfront

· Possible Beach Access Wheelchair

· Water feature like the one created in Horotutu

· Nature Play area

· Slides and rope climbs on the side of the hill

· Fence along the roadside

· Extended grass area over the drainage pipe

· Removal of the weeds including all the Privet

· Internal and External renovation of the Toilets


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