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Village Green Enhancement Project – Northern End

It is intended that work will be undertaken on the garden strip adjacent to the walkway behind the William Rd shops. Following many meetings and plans proposed for this area over the past years, the Village Green Placemaking Project team, propose the following:- Previous plans had envisaged the area of development to be a pedestrian way from Marsden Rd to the passageway through to Williams Rd. The area of development was considered to be much wider than that which is practically available. Therefore the team have taken a fresh look at the area with a completely different concept. The area will be attractive, interesting, useful and easily maintained. It will consist of 4 sub areas connected by the use of materials in keeping with those used on the Village Green and across the road, in Horotutu.


Relaxing area on tiered decking where differing heights are suitable for seating, lounging or picnicing. Creating a useful feature.

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A low wall with timber seating to tidy up the area. The power boxes will be painted with a suitable bird/plant design. This curved seating will guide people into walkway or onto the Green.


A central pergola with themed area each side will provide a focal point from across the village green to bring people onto a decked area under the pergola, that will take them through to the murals along the access way behind the shops. The whiteness of the shell areas either side will be relieved by inset darker wood sleepers or possibly flat grey natural stones. Giving a background to these areas are 2 raised herb gardens with plaques telling people about Henry Williams interest and involvement with medicine and translating the Maori language in the 17 years from his arrival in Paihia in 1823. These will also be included in the Heritage trail, currently being developed. The plans are currently being circulated to concerned parties. It is hope that the work will get underway in July.


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