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International Volunteer Resource Bank

The aim of this project is to garner a wider range of local residents assisting Focus Paihia projects, by contributing short-term board and lodging to young international volunteers. Consequently it will also provide extra labour to Focus Paihia projects.

The IVRB will attract International travellers to volunteer on Focus Paihia and other Paihia community projects. A calendar of Focus Paihia projects is in progress. International travellers will be invited to assist in these projects by providing their labour in exchange for board and lodging. These opportunities will be promoted through the website, used widely by travellers to locate hosts whereby travellers can volunteer their labour free of charge in return for board and lodging.

A database of potential hosts will be developed who are willing to “billet” an international volunteer for 2-3 days. Hosts on the list will be assisted to register on the HelpX site. International volunteers will then contact the hosts directly to make arrangements. The hosting opportunity will be actively promoted and an information evening is to be organised to further promote the idea. Watch this space!


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