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Horotutu/I-Site Garden and Seating

Project drivers Angela Marinkovic and Grant Harnish

FOCUS PAIHIA VOLUNTEERS were hard at it on Saturday 4 November transforming the space between the iSITE and the Paihia wharf. The area has had a fabulous new makeover, with landscape design by Project Driver ANGELA MARINKOVIC. The volunteer team cleared out the old gardens, reshaped them and planted them anew. The awesome new seat was built by volunteer GREG JONES and was installed with the help of REX WILSON and RICARDO PEREIRA. The seat was surrounded with a boxed shell walkway, built by GRANT HARNSH, HEINZ MARTY and JAKE HARNISH. Thank you to all of these guys – fantastic work!. The patchy old grass was cleared, more top soil laid and grass seed sown. It will look great when grown! A hand carved touch stone is to be installed, but this aspect of the project is still in development.

Thank you ANGELA MARINKOVIC for leading the team and to GRANT HARNISH for his support. Also to the many helping hands – HEINZ MARTI, JAKE JARNISH, TAUNAHA SMITH, AMUKETI SAMSON, DAYVION TIHI-SHARP, TANIA MCINNES, ROBIN, TIFF, THEA and FREYA HOLLAND and VERN WITEHIRA. Thank you KAREN YOUNGER for the yummy muffins. It was another very successful and rewarding day – creating another community friendly space – for us all to enjoy. Magic!


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