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New Community BBQ

Project driver Greg Jones

It was a stunning day for the opening of our new community BBQ beside the playground at Te Ti Bay, a time to celebrate and acknowledge all the hard work, most of it voluntary, put in by wonderful people of the community.

This was a joint financial project between WAITANGI LIONS CLUB and FOCUS PAIHIA. Every year the Waitangi Lions Club holds a major fundraiser with all funds going back to the community. This year’s funds went to the BBQ, and with the help from Focus Paihia the BBQ project happened.

The BBQ is all electric and free to use!

We hope many people get enjoyment from this new facility, bringing family and friends together for good memorable times. Please remember to clean up after yourselves and leave it clean and tidy so it can be enjoyed by many for years to come.

A big thanks to GREG JONES of WAITANGI LIONS and GRANT HARNISH of SALT AIR who were the project drivers to make this happen, JOHNNY from TE ARATIKA DRILLING who thrusted the power cables under the road, ANDREW YOUNGER CONTRACTING, HEINZ MARTI, GARY LUCAS, all giving their time for free! TROY O’DONOGHUE and DANIEL HILL from SALT AIR, WAITANGI LIONS members, SCOTT JACKSON from PAIHIA FOUR SQUARE who donated all the bread, sauces and serviettes for the sausages supplied by WAITANGI LIONS. BRUCE and KIM from BAY OF ISLANDS ELECTRICAL.


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