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Annual CBD Working Bee September 2017

Project Driver Heinz Marti

The FOCUS PAIHIA ODD JOBBERS were busy about town on Saturday 30 September – a 36+ strong team had the place gleaming in no time. There was some great work done – the crew stained all the benches in Horotutu, on the Village Green and all the way along to the end of Taiputuputu Pahi beach. The gardens were tidied up in Horotutu, on the Village Green and on Maiki Hill, and Paihia’s Wee Toilet got a fresh lick of paint on the inside, thanks to JIM. Huge thanks to FOCUS PAIHIA VOLUNTEERS – BRITA and HEINZ MARTI, IAN BUNTON, ROGER HARPER, HENK and JOYCE KUIPER, JULIE and JANA CUNNINGHAM, BRONWYN FOWLER, ANNMARIE CAMERON, BARBARA O’CONNOR, VERN WITEHIRA, LAURA and RYAN STEVENSON, JULIA CRANE, MARGARET RASMUSSEN, ELLY VANASCHE, GARY LUCAS, SARAH and SCARLETT GREENER, ROGER DOLD, JANE BANFIELD, INGRID THOMPSON, JAN BAKER, ROBIN, TIFF, FREYA and THEA HOLLAND, BOB GLEN, REX WILSON, CHESTER RENDELL, JIM LAMB, DAVID RAPLEY, SUZI and GREG JONES Thank you also: JEANETTE HENWOOD, SUE LARCOMBE, PENNY DOLD, LOUISE RENDELL and DIANE GLEN for the delicious food offerings, sustaining the team, throughout the day. Thanks to CELLINI’S and VINNIE’S for providing free coffees for all involved. The FPCCT Board would like to especially thank HEINZ MARTI for driving this great annual Paihia Placemaking Project.


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