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Paihia Op Shop Renovation Complete

The Op Shop is now finished and the the outcome of this spectacular renovation is simply outstanding. It is a shining credit to all of the people involved with the store and in it’s transformation. Following on from all of the painting and furniture creating reported on last month this last stage of the project involved as many hands as the first. GRANT HARNISH and TROY O’DONOGHUE created and wired in all the lights. Thank you to BAY OF ISLANDS ELECTRICAL for supplying materials at cost. Thank you to JOHN DOUGLAS of DOUGLAS CONTRACTING for so carefully transporting that very precious 9m light run, from the shed to the Shop, free of charge. Also donating services FOC was ROB the carpet layer. Thanks to ANITA PAUL & GAVIN BURKE for donating the carpet, PAUL TANE of NORTHGLAZE for donating the huge mirror for the changing room interior and to CAREY FULLER & SANDY TAYLOR for donating the magnificent piece of wood that was used for the shop countertop.

The JACQUES JENSEN and PETER SECCOMBE team renovation of the real life Phone Box that is now used for the Op Shop changing room was remarkable. She was in a sorry state to start with but these guys worked wonders not only with the restoration but also with the tricky installation. Thank you to these two men who worked so hard throughout this whole project. The new design for the store was the mastermind of PATRICK CRAWSHAW. He was assisted in the final push with the finishing touches by DAVID ENGWICHT and RACHEL FUSSELL. Thank you all for your efforts. So with the fit out complete, GILL SECCOMBE and the legendary OP SHOP VOLUNTEERS moved all of the stock back in. Thanks to Brita Marti and May Ling who helped also. Thank you especially to Gill who readily understood the vision, the merchandising and what was trying to be achieved.

On the evening of Friday 20 September, those involved in the makeover gathered to celebrate their efforts and the new look store opened the following day. Congratulations to you all. And of course thank you to mastermind KATH WILLIAMS, the brain behind the Op Shops inception and a key driving force in its ongoing success. And lastly a special mention to GRANT HARNISH who put in countless hours to this project – but never wants to be named!


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