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Bollards at Paihia Wharf

Project Driver Katja Caulton

FOCUS PAIHIA would like to thank Volunteer Project Driver KATJA CAULTON for her efforts with the BOLLARD PROJECT. Thank you to carver NOEL WYNYARD and artist DARINA DENALI. Thanks also to PHIL AND TRACEY from XSTREAM PROFILES and to KEVIN HANLEY, TROY O’DONOGHUE, PERRIN CLARK, CLARK MARINE and GRANT HARNISH for the removal of the old bollards and installation of the new – something that was no mean feat!


The idea for the bollards came to me at the last Focus Paihia Workshop. We walked through Paihia in groups and looked at sites which we thought could be made more beautiful without detracting from what is already there. That’s how my bollard idea came to life. I wanted to do another project for Paihia, which I thought might be a small scale one but I needed other people involved, as the project itself would have to be done by experienced crafts people. The first step was to research ideas and find 5 characters which I thought represented Paihia. After much thought and discussion with members of the community we settled on those of a Fish, Fisherman, Wahine, Sailor and a Diver. The next big step was to find the wood, the Carver and the Artist who could paint them. I was so lucky to find DARINA DENALI (33) and NOEL WYNYARD (37), both from Russell. Even better was that at the starting time of the project they were neighbours. After we sourced the timber and Noel started carving the first Bollard, we had to be patient, as the Bollard started to crack. So we decided to give the wood more time to dry. Nearly 8 months later the timber was dry enough to continue. No one else saw the Bollards until we had finished and I loved the look on GRANT HARNISH’s face when he saw them for the first time. Grant helped us to finish the project by solving the challenges with the final step – How to install them. Grant pulled together an A team of volunteers and worked to remove the old bollards and and put the new in place.

When asked what they liked most about the project and Darina said: “Working on bollards was a very cool fun project which involved many creative people. I loved the challenge of doing something that I have not done before. I tried to create five beautiful and proud characters which represent the Bay of Islands. I hope that they will bring joy to everybody who lives and visits Paihia.” Noel said, “I just appreciate having the opportunity to work with Katja, Grant and Darina and I enjoyed helping with the project and hope the locals and visitors enjoy them also.”

I mostly loved working with Darina, Noel and Grant, as they are all very lovely and easy to work and get along with. Darina not only worked on the bollards over the last year, she also gave birth to a beautiful little boy. Wouldn’t like to do it with anyone else. Thanks guys.


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