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Boomerang Bags

Project Driver Sarah Greener and all the Alongside / 35 Degrees South Aquarium Restaurant & Bar team

FOCUS PAIHIA COMMUNITY CHARITABLE TRUST, 35° SOUTH and ALONGSIDE are very excited to release BOOMERANG BAGS to the public after starting the project in June this year. PAIHIA FOUR SQUARE have teamed up with us to reduce the amount of plastic bags used within our community. The project has been well received by our community with approximately 100 volunteers donating materials and their services to the campaign over the period of five months. The most recent workshop day on 29 October attracted 15 volunteers who happily sewed, screen printed, cut and ironed their way through the morning.

Once that task was complete, everyone made their way to the PAIHIA FOUR SQUARE for the official launch. The launch managed to generate quite a bit of interest in town and the bags themselves were well received. It appears the bags are quite a hit – we just need to remind customers to return them once they have been used back to the PAIHIA FOUR SQUARE. We would like to give a massive thanks to SCOTT and ASHLEY from PAIHIA FOUR SQUARE for teaming up with us for the BOOMERANG BAG PROJECT, and also for donating a further 200 bags to the cause which takes our approximate total of Boomerang Bags to 400. Of course the BOOMERANG BAG PROJECT would not have been possible without the amazing effort from our awesome group of volunteers! Thank you to those of you who took the time out of your day to volunteer your time and skills to the project.

Looking ahead – heading into our peak summer season, the BOOMERANG BAG PROJECT WORKSHOPS will be on hold until the New Year. We will continue to provide materials for volunteers who want to complete sewing, screen printing or cutting in their own space at home.


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