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Bird Boards Project

Rae and Brad’s project is to erect ‘ bird boards’ in respective areas along the foreshore to enable people to identify the species they see.

The boards will include photos of sea birds that can be found in the area and information about each bird. Some of our local birds have amazing story’s so why not tell everyone about them? Like the godwits (above) that fly from here to Alaska.  Unlike other seabirds, they cannot rest on water or feed at sea, so this 11,000-kilometre journey is the longest non-stop flight undertakenby any bird.

The boards will to be attached to railings in Waitangi, on the wharf & Taiputuputu Pahi Beach as well. They will also include, among others; Dotterel, Oyster Catcher, Red Bill Gull and the White Face Heron.  The boards will be in English and Te Reo and will form part of a nature trail that is to be later developed. [twocol_one]

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