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Paihia Waterfront Development Project

Waterfront Development Project

The Board of Focus Paihia signed a funding agreement with FNDC for the improvement of the Paihia Waterfront to the value of $1.7m. The Trust added a further $300,000 to the pot to take it to $2m to improve the waterfront area.

FP partnered with local Hapu, Business Paihia and FNDC to form a working party to deliver three key subparts of the project:

1. Increased lighting of Marsden Rd and Kings Rd (Short term project, completed) for added security for visitors and residents alike.

2. The rejuvenation of Horotutu – Our Place (Medium term project, completed)

This part of the project we replaced and upgraded the existing lighting, seating, and deck areas as well as railings etc. Final plan was based on community wishes after community consultation. This was completed in April 2023. It was a very ambitious plan, but the group wanted to have it completed intime for the bicentenary celebrations.

3. The possible widening, information board area and safety enhancements of the Bluff area. (Long term project, ongoing)

This will require extensive consultation with Hapu as the high-level vision for this area is a place that can share the history of this incredible space and the Islands viewed from this area. This will also require extensive engineering works.


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