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Op Shop update - March 2024

The Op Shop is celebrating the anonymous donation of a new telephone for our changing room in the shop.   A generous supporter of the shop has managed to locate and donate to us a new telephone, which unfortunately was vandalised some time ago.   Because of the age of our changing room telephone box, it has taken some tracking down, but we are happy to say it is now installed and the changing room is again complete.  

For those of you bringing your little people into the shop, please take note this is not a toy - we would really appreciate you respecting the telephone and just looking and not touching.   Our quirky changing room draws a lot of really positive attention and great comments from our visitors to the shop. Thank you for your consideration.

The shop is looking very smart and we will soon start to bring out our winter stock, but for now we are selling the last of our summer stock.    

Sandy is celebrating wedding season with the current window, and our next one will also be bright and colourful.

John Cree put a post on Facebook this week looking for paper bags for the shop.  If you have a collection of these stored up, we would happily take them off your hands as we are always on the lookout for recycled paper bags.  

See you all in the Op Shop soon. 


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