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Message from the Chairman


As I reflect on the recent Waitangi Celebrations, it's truly remarkable to note the estimated attendance of 80,000 individuals over the weekend. For me, this event embodies the need for partnership and participation.

Over the past two years, I've have actively been engaging in this celebration alongside others. This year, I volunteered in one of the official car parks, where despite the long, hot journeys endured by attendees, people displayed remarkable respect and were good-natured. The atmosphere was nothing short of festive.

By midday, the car park reached its full capacity, a testament to the event's significance. It's reassuring to know that the organisers plan to conduct a formal debrief, as there are undoubtedly valuable lessons to be gleaned for future years.

Whether you contributed your voice to important discussions or simply enjoyed a delightful day in the bay, I hope the event provided you with what you sought.


Photos below were captured by Te Rawhitiroa Bosch and shared with his permission.

Te Rawhitiroa is a talented Maori artist who utilizes his exceptional skills in photography to capture remarkable moments, inspiring others with his work.

Learn more about him, and see more of his amazing work on his website.


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