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Local Waka Ama Paddlers Earn Spots to Represent New Zealand at Va'a World Sprint Championships in Hilo!

Let's celebrate the outstanding achievement of our local paddlers who have secured positions to proudly represent New Zealand at the esteemed Va'a World Sprint Championships in Hilo, Hawaii!

In the Junior 16's category, we applaud Ko Te Temepara (Tiwai) Apaita and Jessie Davis for their remarkable skill and dedication to waka ama. Their selection to represent our nation is a testament to their hard work and passion for the sport.

Additionally, we commend Rhonda Williams for her inspiring journey to qualify in the Over 60's division. As one of the OG's of Waka Ama here in NZ, Rhonda's perseverance and commitment exemplify the spirit of determination and excellence.

Spot them training diligently at our local club, Tai Kotuku, here in Waitangi, as they prepare for this prestigious international event.

The Va'a World Sprint Championships, set to take place in Hilo, Hawaii, this August, promises to be an unforgettable experience for our local representatives. Let's rally behind Ko Te Temepara (Tiwai) Apaita, Jessie Davis, and Rhonda Williams as they proudly showcase their talents on the global stage.

We extend our best wishes to these exceptional athletes as they gear up for the competition of a lifetime. Go Team NZ! Go Tai Kotuku! Go Waitangi!


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